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If so, when and what disease will it be? In which country will I get a job? Should I start new venture?

Who is best astrologer in Chennai ? Can anyone help me please ?

What would be the nature of my next job? When shall I get a job?

  • Best Astrologers in Chennai.
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When will I get job? When will I get married? Whether I am inclined to study?

Which location will I buy a property? Which one is advisable for me, running a business or job?

Best Astrologer in Chennai

Which stream should I pursue for a better future? Why I am facing delays in getting children?

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Will I ever buy a property or a vehicle? Panicker's prediction did not go unnoticed by Jayalalithaa's supporters and he was given Rs 10 lakh for correctly forecasting her victory. But it is this money, which Panicker claimed was a gift that has landed Jayalalithaa's favourite astrologer in the income tax net.

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Panicker claimed that the money he received did not fall under the definition of business income and hence, should be exempted from tax. In the assessment year , Panciker had filed return of income disclosing a turnover of Rs 2. After claiming various expenses, he declared Rs 1. In his statement, Panicker said he had received Rs 10 lakh as contribution from "certain persons" and sought exemption.