24 december horoscope

Born on December 24 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

What have you accomplished this year, and what will you carry forward with you? This week, it might be useful to question some of your ideas about the world, and your assumptions about your own place in it. This is a week to be as generous as you can. Everyone is only trying to live, just like you are. This week, pay attention to the messages your body gives you. Your own past self has something to tell you, something that can make you braver, or something that can make the world easier to bear.

December 24 Zodiac

But sometimes your hunger stops being a tool, and starts instead to feel bottomless and blank. Sometimes your desire stops feeling like a light in the darkness, and starts instead to feel more like the darkness itself, deep enough to swallow you whole. Be careful what words you use today because if you say something that a loved one finds offensive it could cast a dark cloud over the holidays. Try not to go to extremes over the next few days, because if you go too far or say too much you could create an enemy of someone it might have been wiser to keep on your side.


Follow a moderate, middle-of-the-road course at all times. You may be the kind of person who likes to shock but as others are hoping for a peaceful day this is clearly not the right time to do something outrageous. Wear a bright red suit and a big white beard if you must, but draw the line there. An upheaval of some kind is likely over the next few days and the planets indicate there is nothing you can do about it.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and get ready to take advantage of the situation. Crises always throw up new opportunities. Work and health matters are now uppermost in your mind and if you have been overdoing it of late you must now go to the other extreme and finds ways to relax. That means switching off completely, at least for a while. Now that the sun is moving in your favour again you may be tempted to take the kind of chances you usually go out of your way to avoid.

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Life is for living, so get out there and make your presence known. Some people say that challenges are just opportunities in disguise and you will get the chance to find out if that is true today. Get up and get out into the world and meet them halfway. The time to bide your time is well and truly over.

Make things happen! You need to create some space that the universe can rush in and fill. The sun is in your sign, the world is on your side and there is a gleam in your eye again. What could possibly go wrong?

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The sun is in your sector of relating, and the coming week may be filled with various social events and perhaps more formal engagements. You might even be called on to entertain. December 25 seems easygoing, with the moon in charismatic Leo making some positive aspects. Just make sure to keep a sense of humor about everything, and things will pass with relative ease.

December 24 Birthday Astrology

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The sun is continuing its journey through your communication zone, so now is the time to get organized before begins. Make a to do list and cross off the items—just make sure to double and triple check. An edgy transit that day could lead to mistakes, and a list will help you avoid any embarrassment. Celebrating the holiday? Well, you might be well served by being the life of the party—karaoke, anyone??