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There indeed may be an inner conflict, but keep in mind that we are talking about planets here and their natural rulerships. Also, is any of these planets you mention angular? If so, this planet takes precedence. Venus in fire signs are NOT tomboys! They are the most likely to be obsessed with beauty and outlook, they often work as beauticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers, hairstylists, fashion designers and makeup artists.

Fire signs love to dress up. What a bunch of jealous people you are! Fire signs are the most pretty in the whole zodiac. I'm a super girly girl and a diva! I'm a hairdresser - hairstylist, and I love it! What I've noticed about most women who have a lot masculine fire signs is that all of them act overly girly girl, but they do not have soft personalities.

They are not calm nor are they sensitive to the feelings of others. So many of them compensate by aggressively seeking womanly things like clothes and getting dolled up. In fact they are flamboyant with the way they dress. But never soft. Women who have a lot of feminine signs often try to act more tomboyish to compensate for the lack of assertiveness. Yet, their personalities are much softer and they are more dependent. Verses women with fire signs are extremely independent. I have Venus in Aries later degrees , in the 8th house. I am considered very "independent" a good thing for everyone, as far as I am concerned , but I could not possibly describe myself as having been or being a "tomboy".

I have told - by women, no less - that I am extremely "feminine" in my demeanour and aspect. I love dressing well, preferably in silk, and I am an avid collector of perfume. It is absolutely true, however, that I tend to despise people who use tricks for attracting the opposite sex. Only, I despise the other sex - thae one who falls prey to such tricks - even more! I do not criticise anyone for it, but that's simply because I do not gossip. OK, that's not entirely true But when I do gossip it is extremely rare and short-lived.

Anyway, I don't think that my aversion towards ploys and tricks has much to do with my Venus in Aries. I would say my mother is the same, so that's probably a major influence. Most of all, it is logic that dictates such an aversion. As I see it, only a weakling with major inferiority issues needs a woman that pretends to be "helpless" or whatever the game is. I personally have no interest whatsoever in weaklings. I haven't met such a man, nor do I expect to meet him. I live my life beond such consideraions, not counting on something that may never happen to make my happiness.

Thanks for the article and for "listening"! Thank you for sharing! I think what you say has a lot to do with Venus in Aries, but keep in mind that any real assessment of a planet can only be done looking at the whole natal chart. The fact that you are against weakness shows that you are quite a masculine woman. What makes Venus in Aries such a poor placement is not that it doesn't like beauty Look at Barbie who happens to be Venus in Aries.

But what makes this placement so poor is why they pursue beauty. Venus is in Detriment in Aries. The truth is many Venus in Aries people only dress up to gain attention or to be original, but the fail to see the true reason why dressing up is so important. The purpose of getting dolled up is to please others. You can call it acting helpless, but it would be difficult for a Venus in Aries to call themselves "attractive" if they do not consider how others feel about them.

Venus in Aries is extremely independent and selfish, which makes it hard for them to play the softer, supportive role in a relationship. To Venus, Aries is a disgrace. These women have a distorted view of the planet. This is classified a Detrimental placement. Because of their distorted mindset of love, beauty, and money, it often comes with damage. Those qualities are considered "manly", never feminine. Of course, natal aspects can influence how one expresses as well as house placements, sometimes more so than signs.

My Venus in Aries, fire, fight and often flight. Masculine in many helpful respects, but my Taurus Sun is extremely feminine and wonderful and good for life love and business. Both sides in balance. A beautiful inner marriage. Can spend a huge amount of time alone but when in love, fall hard will spoil lover to the core. Men attracted to: Highly sexual, suave, tender but brawny, humble, masculine but smooth, James Bond type men. Older, experienced men. Then there are those fun, lets do anything men. About the only priority. There will be war and peace, there will be blood there will be much time apart, Aries is busy, rarely will miss a man, seeks mostly the moment not the destination.

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Long term relationships seem unnecessary but just maybe she can live with him, or at least try it for mm a month. When Venus in Aries is unhappy, they leave and they never go back. They are very content in life and they like to keep it that way, they fight for it. It's been hard built and they honour their hard work. They will not stick around for crumbs or disrespect or a man with no personal ambition or no life of his own.

Venus in Aries usually get stalkers because Aries is moving forward. No contact is not cold, it's honest. When broken hearted it's devastating with many trips to the gym, Aries ego gets raped and not being able to touch their lover like a death. Aries will heal and move on fast but there will be moments through out the rest of their lives of tearful memories.

Think Options! Venus in Aries: think Survivor Island, she's built the cabana by herself, opened a restaurant and after dating all the males, she's alone on the shore building a boat. Having won she does not care, she's won the best prize, winning against herself. There is a bond here that is full body experience. The Venus in Leo man allows her to be herself, lots of drama, lots of space, lots of sex. But there is a inner twin womb in this match for both partners. They are very thankful towards each other.

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They're lovers past Venus past Mars, and possibly out of this universe. Powerful force without obsession, free, delightful. I also have Venus in Aries, then Mars and Moon in Aries in 3rd house, including Mercury Taurus there I love art and anything beautiful,including poems. Despite of being an artist for painting.

Good speech but aggressive words when i am mad. Having Sun in Taurus. It is very useful info by the way. Thank you.

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No, your Sun doesn't affect your Venus, as they are not in any form of traditional aspect they may be in an antiscional relationship, though. Bear in mind that Venus is not the only thing an astrologer looks at in a chart when it comes to relationships. The most important things are the 7th house, its ruler s , the planets in it, Venus and also the Moon. Now, I'm also dominated by water and have Mars and Venus conjunct in my first house. Since you already know that a chart is to be read in its entirety, you shoud take this with a grain of salt and not expect to completely identify with it.

So, your comment seems pointless, but it is to be expected from a Mars in the 1st house person. I have a venus in Leo and it is quite true what you say. I really crave attention and admiration, sometimes taking me on a self-destructive path when I have the feeling that those longings are not met.

What you said about venus in Leo's vision on relationships and people is also quite true for me. It is really sad actually I wish I was not like that. Obviously it has it positive side to, but it can be very tiring for me and my close environment. I have sun in libra, moon in aries, jupiter in virgo, venus in leo and sagittarius rising.

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I feel like my moon in aries is also a real burden. Does Venus like fire? The answer is simple. Venus rules an earth sign Taurus , an air sign Libra and is exalted in a water sign Pisces. Fire, I'm afraid, has nothing to do with all that. Venus in Aries. This is the sign of Venus' arch-enemy, Mars.

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Mars represents the male view of life, to which Venus violently opposes. Mars competes, races and hates standing still. Mars sees life as a challenge and its moto is "it can be done". For Venus, this is a waste of valuable time.

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Winning prizes is not simply fun, it is accomplishment. When you reach the end of your life, what will there be for you to show for? It can make a Gemini so uncomfortable that he becomes scathingly critical of anything non-intellectual, and keeps his conversations to the most banal chit-chat. And Cancer. Warm, sensitive, changeable. We mentioned Cancer before, fluid, changeable like water the element to which the sign belongs , tender, nurturing, caring. And the undertow? Yes, of course. This side of Cancer is so disturbing to the gentle, caring Cancerian that he will often recoil violently from more cynical, harder people.

Cancer usually dislikes an insensitive and calculating person.

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But this shadow side is inside them. Ah, Leo. King of the Beasts and of the Zodiac. Individualistic, self-confident, self-conscious Leo.

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The actor, the hero, the knight on the white horse, the chivalrous prince ready to rescue any damsel in distress and defend the weak and the poor. He believes in himself and his unique destiny, and is touched with the faint gilt edge of natural aristocracy. The conscious side of him probably feels that way.

Why, it is hardly there at all. His belief is in his own heroic myth. But the secret voice says, No special exemptions for anybody. A kind of psychic communism. There are generally two types of Virgo. There are the ones who empty ashtrays a lot, where everything is spotless and carefully planned. That happens more often when Virgo is on the ascendant. And there are the congenitally sloppy ones with, nevertheless, filng-cabinet minds.

Admirable Virgo who, like the boy scout, is never caught unprepared. And the undertow in Virgo is? You guessed it, vagueness and chaos. Lazy and indolent.