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October 20 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope and Personality Profile

Variety, in your opinion, is certainly what makes life interesting and you simply must have continual change in order to feed your restless soul. While you're malleable nature often produces a flexible personality, at the same time it's possible that you sometimes have difficulty following through on a commitment or project. This will be especially true if you're bored.

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Be careful not to flake out on a responsibility and avoid the seductive trap of gossip. If you have something to say, be sure to say it directly to the person it's meant for so that you can avoid any unnecessary communication drama. Cerebral and social, when it's your birthday it's definitely time to have fun!

October 20 Zodiac is Libra - Full Horoscope Personality

Your fickle nature might make it hard for your friends to know for sure what gift you'd like most. Thankfully, since you're not one to take things personally, as long as you have company and good conversation on your special day, you'll feel like you have it all! At your best: Courageous, successful, interesting At your worst: Egotistical, anxious, stiff Choose Another Birthday: Gemini Horoscopes Daily Horoscope Setting boundaries with your leisure time might be complicated today.

Regardless of how stressed you are and regardless of how emotional people are around you, you are almost always guaranteed to make the right decision.

May 21: Gemini

In many cases you have to step on many toes to deliver the right judgment. Lovers born on October 20 are known to be very protective, supportive, loving, and appreciative. You truly listen to people. You get the whole picture and you respond with a tremendous amount of compassion, love, and empathy.

Gemini Dates: The Leap Year Bump

You go the extra mile for people who matter most to you. Those with a birthday on October 20 make for great managers, lower-level leaders, and public representatives. Not surprisingly, a lot of crisis response teams and organizations look for people with your personality traits. There are many famous people well-known for displaying grace under pressure who are born on October You also tend to respond to pressure, stress, and turbulence with a tremendous amount of quiet, calm, and confidence.

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Not surprisingly, people are drawn to you because they find you credible, authoritative, and trustworthy. You are an extrovert by default, and this lack of introspection can oftentimes lead to heartbreaks along the way.

Cusp of Taurus Gemini! (May 20 - 26)

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