Virgo love horoscope weekly 13 to 19 by tarot

Little by little you can travel far, and this journey is more like a marathon than a sprint, it emerges slowly. Nothing OTT or demanding is required from you- just baby steps, always steadily in the right direction, which add up.

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The Three of Coins is like a reward from the Universe, via the hand of others, for being virtuous and hard-working. Tell her to shutTF up! Learn to treat yourself as you would someone you loved, and notice how much more positive things feel. Reboot your settings. Let some stuff go will anyone really notice?

Virgo Luck This Week

Three powerful major arcana cards messages from the Universe visit you, which means things are a-changing. Deep down, The High Priestess reveals that these changes come from within, from a changing mindset and attitude. Possibly literally, because The Chariot is a card all about movement, travel, transport, journeys, trips and location changes. The Seven of Wands sweeps into your life this week bringing an atmosphere of competition and rivalry. The way to combat this challenge is to stand your ground, with firmness and resolution, but also your killer card!

Cancer Horoscope Next Week

Crikey, deep stuff. Firstly, the King of Coins shows you wanting to feel more in control of your material world-finances, resources, career, home and status. The Kings represent Cups and Swords, which is good news because it hints your head Swords and heart Cups are in alignment, that you both know AND understand your thoughts and feelings. This new-found sense of earned wisdom puts you in a good decision to close some chapters and tie up some unfinished business. The Two of Swords, however, shows that there IS one you have put on the shelf and tried not to look at.

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⭐ VIRGO Serious! Step into BIG changes! ⭐ Love & General Tarot 13-20 May 2019

Talk to Psychic. Mobile Apps. Email Horoscopes Email address. October 8, Four of Swords A time of repose and solitude.

Yearly horoscope and tarot predictions

Get away from everything and take a vacation for your mind and spirit. Your body is exhausted as you have been trying to do too much. Time to stop and think about where you are headed in life.

A time of stability. Your body needs to heal before you continue. Listen to what you inner voice is telling you. Tarot Reading.