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The Moon is 11 days young. Earth's natural satellite is moving from the first to the middle part of current synodic month. This is lunation of Meeus index or from Brown series. Previous Current lunation Next. Length of current lunation is 29 days , 9 hours and 12 minutes. It is 2 hours and 15 minutes shorter than next lunation length.

Length of current synodic month is 3 hours and 32 minutes shorter than the mean length of synodic month, but it is still 2 hours and 37 minutes longer, compared to 21st century shortest. The lunar orbit is getting wider, while the Moon is moving outward the Earth. Previous perigee Next apogee. An opposition to Jupiter amplifies this confrontational energy. The Pleiades bring love and peace when well placed. However, square Mars and opposite the Sun and Jupiter is far from being well placed. Full Moon square Mars brings simmering anger to the surface so take care to avoid being hurt or causing harm.

There is danger when taking risks or acting impulsively. However, holding in anger and frustration is not healthy either.

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Repressed anger can manifest physically as pain in your body, accidents, aggressive reactions in others, or as conflict in your home. There will probably be some degree of emotional discomfort in close relationships, especially with women. They key to handling this quick and hot energy is to release your frustrations in a controlled way. Cuts or burns, especially in the kitchen, would suggest you have not dealt with your emotional troubles.

Face what is making you feel threatened with courage. Emotional attacks from others are just as likely as you losing your temper with a loved one.

Full Moon November 2018 ~ Apollo’s Shadow

This is not a good full moon for going on the attack, especially without provocation. Without forethought and strategy, rash actions could lead to embarrassment, accidents or injuries.

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Finally, moderate your energy output to avoid physical or emotional exhaustion. The artwork below from the Lascaux caves in France is 17, year old. It has a strongly feminine influence and its rising has always been linked to homosexuality in men:. They adopt feminine dress, footwear donned not for wear but for show, and an affected effeminate gait. They are ashamed of their sex; in their hearts dwells a senseless passion for display, and they boast of their malady, which they call a virtue. To give their love is never enough, they will also want their love to be seen.

If well-connected, the Pleiades bring love and eminence, making people ambitious, optimistic and peaceful. They give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence. However, the full moon conjunct Alcyone is not well-connected.

Ptolemy assigned the planetary nature of the Moon and Mars to Alcyone, just like the tempestuous aspect it activates. The Pleiades can cause injuries to the eyes and face and even blindness, especially when in harsh aspect to Mars. Hostility from other, fall from power, disgrace and violence are also possible. Conjunct saturn ruler of 6 house, opposite neptune in 5 — ruler of 9. Trine pluto in 3 house — ruler of 5. Hm, say something?? Some things are banished to the dustbin of history for a reason.

Cross-dressing has no direct relation to gay men, though some engage in it. And malady my posterior. I enjoy reading them. Might this affect me in any way? Recently I got fired from work upon returning from my maternity leave…I am in search of a new job…does this new moon have any impact at all? Thank you, and keep up the good work, Astrologyking! Hi Majankas. Venus with Zubenelgenubi is supposed to be bad for marriage but that might depend on other aspects to your Venus. Also, transiting Neptune is trine your Venus which is a good indicator of romance.

Thank you very much, Jamie! Hello Jamie, I hope that you are keeping well.

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I guess Uranus square the Nodes could mean being forced to change in order to get back on the right karmic path. Or perhaps having to adjust to unexpected or unwanted changes if you have strayed from your souls mission. After the fixed star on October 30th you can only wish for better. Numerology number 3 is important and works well with It is a great time to make a wish and fixate your energy on accomplishing your wishes and aspirations.

Falls within a minute of arc to my Neptune. Hi James. I have not heard of that before. See Sun conjunct Neptune transit because that also applies to a New Moon. I personally have had from a young age hope of science advancements delivering solutions for aging and resultant death, and interest in mythological stories about the subject, so I lean towards conjecture that perhaps this is connected to the placement of Neptune conjunct this point in my natal chart.

I hope this is not too late. November 17 my son died at 33 from a seizure.

I have heard of many deaths, personal and public, for the last half of Was there some cosmic door or alignment that occurred? Oh I am so sorry Lee. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. New Moon November Astrology. October 29, December 13, Jamie Partridge.